Grace J. Stojanov, L.Ac.

Grace J. Stojanov graduated with a Master of Science degree from the renowned Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and a nationally Board-certified Chinese Herbalist. She began her career in New York City, then worked abroad while onboard the Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship. When she returned from traveling overseas, she established a private practice in San Diego, California.

Starting in 2018, Grace interned with Deb in her clinic, treating ladies and gentlemen coming in for a variety of reasons, but especially for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum support. Together, they enjoyed brainstorming effective treatment strategies for complicated cases, and creating custom herbal prescriptions to enhance the acupuncture the patients received in their sessions. Deb and Grace enjoyed working together so much that Deb is pleased to announce beginning in April 2018, Grace will be working in Deb's clinic on Saturdays! Grace will be there to support patients' ongoing treatment protocols, to offer insight regarding more complex diagnoses, and to provide patients with specialized herbal prescriptions.

Professionally, Grace sees a broad spectrum of patients of all ages and treats conditions ranging from the physical: acute or chronic pains and illnesses, general healthcare concerns, and internal medical conditions; to the spiritual: mental and emotional stresses, challenges, and disorders. She is dedicated to helping others achieve the vitality and well-being they seek. And to this end, which can begin at any place along life's journey, she practices preventative medicine through therapeutic maintenance sessions, herbal medicine, and supportive nutrition and lifestyle choices.