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Men's Health

What about the men??? Yes, we treat men, too.

Typically, guys come in seeking relief from pain or stress, or often are dragged in by their partners because they hear you talk of pain from past/old injuries, they notice your sleep issues (snoring, apnea), they are hoping you will find stress management, etc… There are so many reasons you would look to find us, and we can help with them all.
Many guys are looking to get healthy again, too, and want to re-establish a workout and lifestyle program. We can work with you to help you recover from your post exercise pains and help you figure out foods to support your new lifestyle. We also offer supplements and herbal formulas to help strengthen and balance your body and can work with any medications you might be taking.

Male Factor - Improving Fertility

Guys, this can be a very emotionally challenging diagnosis, we hear you. You are not alone. These days, it is almost a 50/50 split between the Male and Female Factors, and there are lots of reasons why. We can help. Whether you are considering Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) or looking to conceive naturally, if you and your partner are seeking to become pregnant and your doctor has indicated that your sperm is an issue, we can assist you with improving the quality, quantity, and mobility of your sperm. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are very effective at helping you relax and heal, and become stronger. Environmental toxins and exposure situations, as well as diet and lifestyle, play significant roles in your body’s ability to make sperm. We can help you examine your life and see if there may be any external causes for this diagnosis.

Male Fertility - Resources

Research Article: Diagnosing ‘his’ infertility: Men’s experiences and reflections on the diagnosis of azoospermia

Postpartum Depression in Dads

After your bundle of joy has joined the world, you will be experiencing a lot of change, and sometimes that happens in unexpected ways, such as losing a sense of yourself or the relationship you and your partner shared before the birth of your beautiful child. Dads experience postpartum depression, too! You are exhausted from having a newborn and supporting your partner, and things just aren’t as easy as the movies portray. You may be frustrated, feeling your needs unmet, and unsure how to express yourself or be heard, especially because your partner has so much focus for your new baby. Again, you are not alone! We offer support for dads going through this experience and have many resources available for more help. Here is one to get you started:

Postpartum Depression in Dads - Resources

Article: Signs of Postpartum Depression Anxiety in Men

Other Common Conditions We See in Our Clinic:
Besides promoting fertility, you may be wondering what else Chinese medicine can do for you. Here is a short list of common conditions we see:

  • Sports injuries
  • Digestive complaints
  • Sinus congestion
  • Headaches
  • Allergies
  • Common colds and flu
  • Neck, shoulder, and back pain
  • Stress

And, here is a list of a few of the benefits you’ll experience:

  • Restful sleep
  • Better digestion
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved energy
  • Sharper and more alert mind
  • Larger capacity for handling life’s stressors

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