My husband and I have been seeing Deb for almost 2 years. We came to her to help get pregnant and now I’m 38 weeks pregnant! Deb has been incredibly supportive and goes above and beyond. Definitely recommend going to her for acupuncture!

– Shannon D.

I highly recommend Deb and her team! Best of the best!

– Doula Lynsey H.

Deb is amazing at what she does! I saw her once a month in the second half of my pregnancy and each time she listened to me and the experiences of what my body was going thru; she was able to help ease nausea, restless leg, and even some insomnia, as well as keep my general work stress at bay. The real magic I experienced with Deb was on my labor day, she had visit her office with my birth ball for treatment – because of the timing in seeing her I wholeheartedly believe she helped my body progress quickly for a peaceful, speedy delivery of my first daughter later that night. Thank you so much Deb!

– Jaclyn G.

I was referred to Deb in my last trimester of pregnancy by a friend. I was so very sad after meeting her that i wasn’t able to see her throughout my whole pregnancy. She is an amazing human and wonderful knowledgeable acupuncturist. I absolutely recommend her. She has helped me with stress pain and delivery preparation.

– Stephanie S.

I’ve been to Push Dan Diego 2 times and got treated by Deb both times. Both sessions were amazing she really listened to me and worked with me on what my body needed. I had a traumatic birth and recovery with a broken coccyx and nerve terrible damage. The Few sessions I had have helped Me improve and I can really feel the results. On top of that her story is amazing and I feel like she really cares about my healing and recovery which makes the experience a 10/10 love it will recommend to my friends and family

– Lora S.

Deb provided excellent care for me during my pregnancy with my son a couple years ago. When he was breech, she helped him flip head down. I also saw her for overall balancing, and when I came down with pneumonia at 38 weeks, she treated me with acupuncture and herbs and I had enough energy to labor (which started the first day I finally felt better). I am forever grateful to her care, attention and expertise. She is truly a blessing to the community and everyone she treats with acupuncture!! Thank you!!

– Courtney S.

I went to PUSH weekly for over 6 months and I am very grateful for my experience because Debbie is such an inspirational and talented acupuncturist. Debbie always treats with genuine love and care. It became clear to me that she’s really invested in my pregnancy goal and well being since my first visit. I highly recommend PUSH to help in your fertility and pregnancy path! Getting acupuncture treatments with Deb is an incredibly de-stresing experience–I always left PUSH calm and at peace 🙂

– Sofia N.

After my acupuncture first session, my sciatic nerve pain was gone and most of my low back pain too (third trimester pregnant). I’ve been since receiving treatment once per week, which is always a very relaxing experience. I recommend to all pregnant women. Thank you, Deb!

– Ninnette S.

PUSH San Diego is not only a beautiful office but every practitioner there is INCREDIBLE!!! I get regular acupuncture from Grace and it has made a huge impact on my stress levels and overall life!!! She takes her time to really understand what’s going on and thoroughly explains the complexity of Chinese Medicine. She also sends you home with herbs to holistically channel any symptoms that may be occurring. Each time I leave I am overcome with the post-acu, zen-like “high.” I am definitely looking forward to my next visit and would recommend her to anyone!

– Angelica O.

Deb is a wonderful practitioner and healer. She is compassionate, very knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend.

– Rochelle S.

I LOVE my treatments with Deb. She’s thorough, listens to your complaints, and her treatments are gentle and effective. Acupuncture naps at PUSH are awesome!

– Lisa N.

Deb and Grace are San Diego’s healing angels! Deb squeezed me in last minute, checked me in quickly, and treated my cold, neck strain, and low energy all in one sweep with genius cupping techniques and refined acupuncture quality. The results spoke right away! As a yoga teacher and holistic wellness practitioner, I definitely admire the wisdom and and precision that holds in this space.

– Rob N.

What a great place created by amazing people! I have gone to my first appointment yesterday and had an acupuncture session which has done wonders. I was complaining of lack of energy and muscle aches in mid 2nd trimester and was surprised to wake up feeling like my body belongs to me first time in pregnancy.
I was also offered a 15min complimentary massage which was amazing. I have tried a few other prenatal massages before and was disappointed; so glad to find a place where I know I can go to now.
The atmosphere is very friendly and I felt genuinely cared for, also received a lot of tips and recommendations for my pregnancy activities and care. Every first time mum looking for health and guidance should check it out,

– Vicky M.