Full and efficient recovery from birth is a natural process that takes lots of rest, time, and support from family and community. Planning for the postpartum time should begin in pregnancy and one thing you can do is to start making connections and building your postpartum support team.  The team led by practitioners who are experts in postpartum care at PUSH San Diego, provides personalized holistic care. You’re not alone with the help of alternative medicine providers at this San Diego-based clinic. Click on the online scheduler to book your postpartum exam, lactation consultation or postpartum home visit or call to find out more information.

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Postpartum Q & A

What are common complications during the postpartum time?

Many common short and long term complications postpartum are avoidable and treatable with early and consistent holistic postpartum care.


Uterine prolapse

Pelvic congestion syndrome

urinary incontinence

diastasis Recti

Vaginal Tearing

Reduced libido

Irregular menstrual cycle

stretch marks, sagging abdomen

Weight gain


Spontaneous sweating, or night sweats and hot flashes

Low energy, exhaustion


postpartum depression and anxiety

Insufficient lactation

When should I get help for postpartum problems? Book Free Consultation

Modern women are overwhelmed with information, assistance and planning during pregnancy and for childbirth and left to disappear after delivery. The team at PUSH San Diego specializes in alternative care for pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum wellness. We work with you during pregnancy to plan for a healthy pospartum period as well as use complimentary modalities to treat many of the above symptoms.

You should have someone come to your home or come into the clinic, if able, with any of the above symptoms whether after a live birth or after a pregnancy loss. 

If you are struggling in anyway with lactation or would even just like some reassurance, our IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) Alisa Galvan is available to see you in your home or in the clinic. 

Your caring provider evaluates you as a whole and talks with you about the concerns you have about your wellbeing as well as your baby's.  They design a personalized treatment plan that’s entirely tailored to your health and your concerns. 

What kind of support can I expect during after the birth of my baby?

Supporting families postpartum often involves combining several different types of alternative and holistic therapies. In addition to providing an integrative lactation consultation, your dedicated provider at PUSH San Diego could recommend:

  • Traditional Chinese medicine herbs, like Blue Poppy® supplements
  • Pelvic steaming
  • Personalized diet and lifestyle changes
  • Acupuncture or acupressure
  • EarSeeds® ear acupuncture
  • doTERRA® essential oils
  • Tuina massage 
  • Moxibustion 

The team at PUSH San Diego is available to provide postpartum recovery treatments through acupuncture and acupressure at your home as well as Integrative lactation consultations either in your home, virtually or in your home. You can expect comprehensive natural support as you transition into this special and new phase of life to feel more balanced and confident.

ULTIMATE POSTPARTUM RECOVERY SESSION (These make great baby shower or blessing way gifts for the pregnant mom in your life!)

This popular and comprehensive in-home visit includes integrative lactation consultation, relaxing acupuncture treatment  and healing pelvic steaming session as well as auricular acupressure for support person and infant acupressure massage tutorial. Guidance is provided for understanding baby's cues, baby behavior and sleep as well during this thorough and nourishing session. 

Click on the online scheduling tool to book your postpartum evaluation at PUSH San Diego today. You can also call the clinic to speak with a team member directly.